An open-source model of the Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade program with supply-demand scenarios through 2030

To aid in understanding the range of possible outcomes for the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) cap-and-trade program, we built WCI-RULES, an open-source model that allows users to explore a wide range of scenarios

Assessing California’s progress toward its 2020 GHG limit

We present a retrospective analysis of California’s greenhouse gas emissions to assess how the state has achieved faster-than-expected emissions reductions, meeting its 2020 emissions reduction goal four years early in 2016.

California’s Cap-and-Trade Reforms: October 2018 Comment Letter

Near Zero comments on the serious risk that excess allowances in the cap-and-trade program will frustrate its ability to deliver the emission reductions called for in the 2017 Scoping Plan, a potential loophole in the proposed definition of “direct environmental benefits” for carbon offsets, and the need to work toward a science-based policy strategy.


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credit for header photo: Krystle Mikaere