Tracking banking in the Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade program

We present a method for tracking the private bank of compliance instruments, showing the extent to which allowance overallocation is manifesting

Ready, fire, aim: ARB’s overallocation report misses its target

The California Air Resources Board’s report on allowance overallocation in the cap-and-trade program does not address whether overallocation will cause the state to exceed its 2030 climate target—and also makes a fundamental methodological error that undermines the Report’s own conclusions.


“Snub from Ontario doesn’t dampen Calif. auction,” E&E News

“The number of allowances offered for sale at auction right now is significantly higher than covered emissions are going to be. When people buy all of the allowances, oversupply is growing because we’re offering more allowances than people need in the short term.” Covering California’s cap-and-trade market, E&E News spoke with Near Zero’s Danny Cullenward.


Linking, banking, and offsets

In discussions of California climate bill SB 775, one of the issues that has drawn the most criticism—and frankly, the most inaccurate criticism—regards linking the state’s cap-and-trade market with similar markets in other jurisdictions

credit for header photo: Krystle Mikaere